Beantown to FogCity

A couple's road trip from Boston to San Francisco.

Visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats/Speedway was the highlight of our drive from Salt Lake City into Nevada. What an amazing landscape this is!

We’ve never seen salt flats before, because they are worth seeing but not worth planning a special trip for. We would have never seen this one either had it not been for this road trip!

If you are ever on the I-80, plan to stop at this specific rest area on the Utah-Nevada border (you can’t miss it). You can walk on the salt flats, and the rest area has a place where you can even wash your feet once you get back - got to love this country!

The Bonneville Speedway is a few miles in, close to the mountains you see in the background in these pictures.

FYI. The speedway strip is about 10 miles long and the world speed record set here is around 622 miles per hour.

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